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Launching On March 25th, 2017 @ 10am US EST

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Goes Live On:

March 25th 2017 @ 10am US EST


We all know that unfortunately, many vendors do NOT practice what they preach. With us, this is simply NOT the case. We are out in the trenches DAILY working on new methods that are working TODAY and will stand the test of time better than any "fly by night" method put out in most courses.

We are constantly testing and tweaking our own systems to find what will work best for your customers. Pullii is our latest, most up to date case study designed to help your customer pull in the traffic and profit with it, the RIGHT way.


Pullii Will Reveal
EXACTLY How We Did This!

Pullii will give you a crisp 100% commissions on a value-packed $15 front end product.

And it's a unique combination of training and case studies which will allow your subscribers to quickly learn what we do and implement it for SICK results.

Training is okay, but when it's bundled with real case studies, it's the perfect full system and customers know it.

Unprecedented. Revolutionary. Life changing.

checkPerfect for general / newbie / MMO lists - we are showing a complete system, starting from zero, with no detail omitted. Warrior Plus MMO oriented lists will love this because of the case studies added value.

checkPerfect for JVZoo oriented lists as well- Pullii will convert like crazy and you get 100% commissions ($15+), this means you get the same commission as on a $27 software product but with much higher expected conversions due to the lower price point.

checkOur products convert, so this is likely to be a profitable promotion for you and you can help your customers. Win-win.

Combine this with our world class, 24/7 support team to keep refund rates at ALL TIME LOWS…

And you’ll get the LOVE and COMMISSIONS for sending them to this incredible, UNIQUE training that’s proven to work time and time again.


The Proven Funnel

We are using our proprietary formula for EVERY PIECE OF COPY for this sales funnel, meaning proven sky-high conversion rates and EPCs along the WHOLE WAY!

Pullii is a combination of:

1) CASE STUDY: We include details in the front end of some campaigns we have run and their results, proving our methods work for anyone willing to follow the steps.

2) FULL TRAINING: Video training showing how your customers can set this up for themselves and get very similar results in a short amount of time!

As you can see, Pullii is a FULL SYSTEM.

OTO1 contains additional case studies of profits, additional monetization tactics and details to help your customers get more results, and get them sooner.

OTO 2 is 16 premium DONE FOR YOU viral blogging sites including content! Get traffic and make money right out of the box and even expand your site for further profits.

OTO3 is a massive done for you pack designed to make your customer's life easier when using this method. This will include done for you niches, done for you content, done for you monetization and more (more details to be posted)

Pricing Structure

Opens March 25th at 10am EST:
Early Bird 1: $13.95 4 hours
Early Bird 2: $14.95 4 hours
25 Cent Price Increases Every 6 Hours After

Goes to $37 at 12:01AM on March 28th (4 Day Launch)

You Want Prizes? Have a Look At This!

$1000 38 Hr Speed Prize (no minimum!)

Whoever makes the most sales in first 38 hours (from 10am US EST on March 25th 2017 to 11:59:59pm on March 26th 2017) will win $1,000 in cool cash. All based on gross revenue through the funnel.

Main Contest (no minimum!)

Make the most sales from 10am Saturday March 25th to midnight Tuesday March 28th and win. All based on gross revenue through the funnel. All times in US Eastern.

1st: $1,000

2nd: $500

3rd: $250

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