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Is passive income a myth?
The difference between staying in business and not
The best kind of income stream?
14,000 Visitors A Day Without Paying?


Hey there,

If I could go back in time to when I first started internet marketing, I would tell myself one thing:

"Build yourself a passive bux stream"

Do the work once, get paid month after month after month.

How does that sound?

Want to learn an effective way to do this for yourself?

I just got access to a course from my good friends Stefan and Greg, who over the last year has been able to build a legitimate automated income without any paid traffic, all free social media traffic.

Their "Pullii" course comes out tomorrow morning at 10am EST, and here's what you will learn inside the course:

- Step-by-step case study of how to get up to 14,000 visitors a day without paying
- How to get free traffic from social media sites in ANY niche
- The best way to set up your money-making posts (if you screw this up, you're throwing money out the window!)
- How to scale this using paid traffic (this is OPTIONAL and is only for those who have mastered free traffic first)
- How to save tons of time on website creation, blogging, etc (basically, all the tedious manual work that you don't need to do)
- How to grow massive social media followings WITHOUT having to spend a huge budget on ads (yep, you can build a huge following with just free tactics)

These guys are the real deal, they got screwed over in the beginning by crappy products, and now are giving back on methods that work for them.

They have been kind enough to offer an early bird special for the first few hours of the launch for those who are serious about getting in at the cheapest price possible!

I'm really excited to share this with you, because it looks like a great course and I know it's going to help a lot of people on my email list.

Make sure to open your email tomorrow morning!

Take care,[YOUR NAME]


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Subject: [EARLY BIRD] "Pullii" is Now Live!
Neat New Way To 330/Week[LIVE] 14,000 Visitors A Day For Free?


Hey there,

Yesterday I talked about a really good course that is launching today at 10AM EDT called "Pullii".

In the course, Stefan and Greg share how they are doing up to 330/week EACH with their pullii machines, and up to 14,000 free visitors a day!

It's a complete course.

They set up their posts in a certain way that allow they to monetize his website in a very creative way. And this is what's working in 2017, they show you EVERYTHING.

It works in just a couple of steps:

-Set up the passive traffic source

-Let the pullii "machines" do the work

Here's a quick demo/explanation of how they do it:

Pullii is at an early bird price for only a few hours, and will be increasing every day for the next few days, so if I was you, I would get in ASAP to lock in the most affordable price.

It's totally worth it, and I almost guarantee you'll get the traffic and bucks you've been missing until now.

Total no-brainer, especially if you're someone struggling with traffic or haven't been able to build recurring online bux.

Let's make this an awesome year for you!

To your success,[YOUR NAME]